• Student-Teacher Ratio – not more than 24 students per room (most rooms are only 15).
  • Computers – the school has a state-of the-art network with high speed Internet access. Each classroom has their own computer lab. Lower grades use the computers for Internet access and games while upper grades are taught touch typing, Internet use and scholastic improvement programs.
  • Basics, Basics, and Basics – our curriculum is focused on the basics – reading, writing and arithmetic. (We also have a lot of fun!)
  • Health & Nutrition – is encouraged and practiced. Vegetarian meals are served daily.
  • Character Development – a holistic view including worship, service to mankind, leadership skills, and over-all development of the physical, mental, spiritual, and social realms is taught.
  • Sports –
  • Music – join the handbell or voice choir. There are many musical events at Valley View Adventist Academy.
  • Outdoor Educational Experience – is encouraged.
  • Reasonable Tuition – you will be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable tuition fees.
  • Diversity – Our staff and students represent a very diverse racial and ethnic makeup that provides a rich cultural environment to learn and harmonize with one another .

Few decisions are as important — and potentially life-changing as choosing a school for your children. In the following video, you will learn about the benefits of Adventist Christian education. You will also see how Adventist Christian education provides a quality academic experience in a caring Christian environment.

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