“Learn With Passion, Serve With Compassion”

Valley View Adventist Academy integrates faith, learning, and healthful living to prepare our students for a life that serves God sincerely and humankind compassionately.

Valley View Adventist Academy Objectives

Valley View Adventist Academy endeavors to offer a school program with an emphasis on the physical, mental and spiritual components of education. Our objectives help students nurture their relationship with God through the development of a Christian philosophy of life. In addition to academic and spiritual excellence, high standards of behavior are expected.

1. Spiritual:

  • understand Christ’s love as the foundation of all life choices.
  • understand that prayer is an essential part of communication, understanding and growth in Christian life.
  • demonstrate the expression of Christ’s love by serving others, acting as an advocate for those in need and embracing the individuality of those from diverse faiths, cultures and ethnicities.

2. Academic:

  • read and comprehend at or above a developmentally appropriate level
  • be familiar with and able to apply scientific method of investigation
  • possess age-appropriate critical thinking skills which can be applied to all academic areas and positive life choices
  • participate as a active, life-long learner, engaged in directing his/her learning through a curricular course of study which follows Adventist standards and the California state standards for Reading and Math
  • Possess and be able to use current technology as exhibited in typing skills, proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on both Mac and PC computers

3. Social/Emotional

  • be part of a campus where every person – student, faculty and visitor – is valued as an individual and treating others with respect, dignity and kindness are cornerstone to the way we interact, teach, discipline and communicate
  • identify his/her social and emotional needs and exhibit the problem solving skills to get these needs met in appropriate, healthy ways

4. Physical

  • be able to make age appropriate choices regarding diet and physical activity which will help to create a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle
  • exhibit a sense of pride in their school and community by having opportunities to help clean, plant gardens and assist in beautification of school grounds

5. Special Needs

  • be given the opportunity for educational success by learning through the use of multiple modalities including auditory, visual, spacial, linguistic, logical-mathamatical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic intellectual
  • be given modifications and accommodations according to his/her individual special needs

Parent Teacher Organization Mission Statement

The Home and School Association is an organization of parents and interested church members whose purpose is to provide parent education and unite the home, the school and the church in providing Christian education for all students.

Objectives & Responsibilities of PTO

  1. Aid and educate parents in parenting skills, including health, nutrition, discipline, and spiritual development.
  2. Strengthen the relationship between the home, school, and church.
  3. Aid in the recruitment of students for the school and assist the church in providing funds so all students may attend church school.
  4. Assist the church school in providing funds for needed equipment, materials, and library resources.
  5. Provide activities that promote social interaction between the home, school and church.
  6. Assist the school in recruitment of volunteers for such activities as teaching assistance, field trips, drivers, home-room parents, plant improvement and beautification and other special projects requiring volunteer assistance.

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